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June 06, 2008


Paul Hetrick

I come to your blog looking for CYOA comments and see a push for Obama regarding his charactor, leadership and so on. Are you kidding me??? I dont follow politics but that mans associations from his church for 20 years and other antil american associatons I am now reading about are off the wall. And now I see he wants to meet with IRAN a country that has killed our soldiers and threaten other countries with destruction?? The man has never done a damn thing in his life and what unity does he bring?? Both canidates are horrible are tied to special interest but at least McCain has the best interest of this country and wont raise taxes in a crummy economy - I want a change but noway to Obama, I dont see how he could ever even win when they play his comments from his associations, his wife and his crazy policy with Iran and taxes over and over come Sept and oct.

How can you not respect a man like McCain who HAS crossed party lines, knows what war is, has his OWN son in IRAC and spent 5 years n a prison camp and never ONCE sold his country or comrades out.

I love my country toooo much to vote for a guy like Obama even when I want a change soooo bad in Washington. Please read about who you push as Obama is quit offense to many americans. Like MLK said judge a person by the content of their Charactor not by the color of their skin.


As a Canadian, I find it positively mind-boggling that Americans are so obsessed about how Obama is somehow a Muslim (which he is not), or that he is somehow less patriotic because he doesn't wear the flag pin.

In my country, this is a non-issue. We focus on the issues, not on silly things like this. No one cares about a candidate's, gender, religion or ethnicity. Sorry to sound arrogant, but I just can't resist keeping quiet any more.

Obama is right to talk to Iran. During the Cold War, the US never stopped talking to the USSR. If they had given each other the cold shoulder during the Missile Crisis, we would likely not be here to talk about it. I think the only reason Iran is singled out today for being particularly loathsome is because it is an Islamic theocracy (and thus a threat to the "American Way"), not because of its military and foreign policies.

I respect McCain for his time in a prison camp, but I disagree with him. I don't like how old he is, how he courts pastors that are just as bad - if not worse - than Obama's, that his temper makes him a liability, that he supports essentially abolishing employer health insurance and letting the insurance companies discriminate against people with disabilities. The list goes on.

(Oh, and by the way Ray - please try to done down the politics a bit and stick to CYOA stuff. You really are going a bit over the top.)

Paul Hetrick

Judging McCain because he is "old" is the same as judging a man because of his skin color. Saying if you dont like Obama you must be a racist is weak, ignorant and a cover up for what Obama is--- very inexperienced, with very weak charactor. If Colin Powell ran as president he would be a shoe in to win - because he LOVES his country and is not surrounded by fools making anti-american speeches. Powell, unlike Obama, doenst beleive in handouts and "blaming", if you want something you earn.

Russia didnt have a dictator making stump speeches threating to nuke and destroy the world over religon - its the policy of any country, including Canada, to not give such dictators a forum. Iran sounds like GERMANY in the 30's, preaching one way of life, hating jews and the west, and threating desctrution. If Iran gets the bomb they will give it to the wrong people (like the terriorist they support NOW) and it will be planted in a city somewhere. So you stop it now. And yes IRan and islamic muslims are a threat the WORLD WAY - FREEDOM - ask any women or non beleiver in IRan what it is like to live there. Its beyond awful - google it!

Obama acts like America is a thrid world country. 95% of Americans are employed, our poor can receive assistance and dont sleep in skid row unless they choose. America is not about handouts - you want something you earn it, not blame blame blame - and all Obama does is blame blame blame. The "wealthy" pay 75% of all taxes in America but according to Obama they are the problem. You can be anything you want if you get off your a@# and earn it.

I love Canada and America would be the FIRST to give aid or stand by in a crisis. I am tired of others always putting down this great country, never having NOTHING postive to say, including Obama and the author of this site.

What is Charactor?

Someone held 5 years held prisoner inside a box the size of a Woodshed, tortured, beaten and held to the brink of death with no medical care...never once selling out his comrade's or country when given a choice of being sent home at ANY time.


Spending 20 years in a church that preached anti American, anti white, anti semantic rants from both black and white preachers..... never once standing up to the rants until one week before to you are accept the Democratic nomination and then selling the church down the river that gave you its start.


First - Dave from Canada, worry about your own country, Obama is a media creation.

As a Hiller supporter, I am just floored by my parties choice to nominate Mr. Obama. Every time he lost a state it was always portrayed about "race". He got a free pass from the media and has more baggage then George Bush.

Hillary would have defeated McCain. She loves this country unlike Mr. Obama and his associations. If what we know now about Obama was released before February that Hillary would have swept her way to the nomination. I look forward to 2012 when Hillary deafeats McCain. I hope by then the democratic party will have also awaken and stop pushing forward unelectable politicians.


Personally, there's just something about Obama that makes me a little wary of him. I have not yet figured out what it is...but it is there. Intuition or paranoia, I suppose I will find out in the months and years to come.

I was a little surprised to see this post here, but then I know what, it's his blog, he can write about whatever he wants! If you feel it is important, then talk about it. :) Whether or not our political views line up is not going to stand in the way of my enjoyment of your writing, so long as your writing stays neutral, which I'm not worried about. :D


A mob of terrorists, crazy left wing media reporters and a hord of High Taxes monsters are chasing you. There is a voting booth ahead which may provide a place to hide. Once inside the booth you see two switchs. The switch on the left is labled "Barak Obama" and the switch on the right is labled "John McCain". Activating one of this switches could save you from this horrible mob. Which do you choose?

If you choose the switch on the left labled Barak Obama turn to page 9
If you choose the switch on the right labled John McCain turn to page 21

Page 21...

You flip the John McCain switch. Suddenly the terrorists turn and run away and hide in fear, the left wing media reporters begin spinning rapidly yelling "it was fixed, you stole it from us, racisim, racism!!" and the High Tax Monster shrinks to half its size. A new day begins as the world becomes safer, the countries economy begins to grow and the power of the media completely disappears. You have not only saved yourself but the entire country. You are a hero.

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